Composite tooling for investment casting (lost wax casting)
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QUICKCAST is a low-cost fast-turn-around wax pattern alternative to traditional aluminium multi-part tooling dies. We can bypass the expense and delay of traditional tooling by making your wax patterns with composite tooling and sending them to the foundry.
Fast turn-around
High dimensional accuracy
Good surface finish
Any metal
 Batch laboratory analysis certification
Single units, small quantities or large quantities
SOLPONT can quickly and economically produce wax patterns for investment casting using composite and flexible molding processes. This offers great advantages over traditional aluminium tooling dies for wax patterns, as our tooling may cost as little as a few hundred dollars, and be producing wax patterns for the foundry within 7 days from ordering.
This low cost tooling allows for economical investment casting of single components or small quantities that would not be economic using traditional tooling. Development or prototype components can be produced and put into operation, and continuing development does not incur traditional large retooling costs. In marine stainless applications, investment casting of a part may be more cost effective than fabrication.
SOLPONT can supply wax patterns for a customer to work with their existing foundry service, or can carry out the complete tooling and foundry process and deliver finished components to the customer.
Quality control documentation, materials standards compliance, and materials laboratory analysis certification is provided as required.

Case Study 1:

To produce a 3.0 Kg component in 316 stainless steel with a featured exterior, various bosses, end flange, and an internal bore.
Tooling Cost: $500 (seven-day turnaround).
Foundry Cost: $250/unit (single units and small quantities, large quantities cheaper).
Case Study 2: 
To produce a 1.0 Kg right-angle mounting bracket in 316 stainless steel.
Tooling Cost: $250 (seven-day turnaround).
Foundry Cost: $120/unit (single units and small quantities, large quantities cheaper).
Other Services:
Design service and CAD drawings.
Finish machining of castings.
Manual polishing.
Electro polishing.

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