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SOLPONT's broad multi-discipline engineering know-how means that YES, we can build your prototype.
For prototype building purposes SOLPONT has experience in composites, machining and fabrication, complex drive and mechanical systems, air and hydraulics, electrics, microprocessor control and data recording, model building and testing, and of course CAD drawing and modeling.
CAD work is done in AutoCad and Delftship. Delfship is  marine/boat/ship design software that produces modeling data, stability data, lines plans and manufacturing drawings.
In an age of sophisticated computer modeling and rapid prototyping machines, and the associated high costs, we believe in a balanced approach. Sometimes technology can be an over-complication, and the good-old-fashioned approach of building a physical prototype or test rig can give better results in terms of time and cost.
SOLPONT has a close network of specialists in engineering, surveying, marine architecture, manufacturing, and our product & materials suppliers whose expertise can be brought to bear on any project.
SOLPONT has itself developed processes that assist in prototyping, for example our QUICKCAST process to produce low cost castings, and our ability to produce plastic prototype parts in many materials and mechanical properties.

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