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Design is the bringing together of the idea or concept with science, engineering and manufacturing constraints. This allows us to produce a design that will function correctly, achieve the required life cycle, and will be able to be built economically.

As an example, if designing a new boat concept, it is sensible to perform some mathematical calculation on buoyancy and stability, determine availability of materials with suitable weight and strength characteristics, and to consider the most suitable manufacturing method regarding cost, time, reliability, factory resources, supply chain, etc. Only after these types of factors have been considered will the physical design be finalised.

This final design will give us physical form and function, but also the likely costs and time frames for manufacturing. Good design will also determine and solve any potential bottle-necks or technical difficulties that may occur during manufacture.

This base-plate is incorporated into a composite molded component, with other hardware then attached (bolted).

The material is a heat treated alloy, with an ultimate tensile strength five times greater than that of alloy steel, which allows for less weight and higher performance.

This part demonstrates our broad-based engineering experience, in this case covering design, materials, heat treatments, corrosion performance, composites, modern manufacturing processes (this is a CNC laser cut part) and our efficient network of excellent sub-contractors and materials suppliers.

It is a good example of our engineering expertise opening doors to better design.

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