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SOLPONT can perform any type of industrial fibreglass/composites work, ranging from molded truck panels, building facades or industrial storage tanks, to composite tooling for plastics manufacturing and foundry operations. We also undertake production volume manufacturing.

Transport moldings Storage tanks Open molding
Construction moldings Chemical resistant tanks Chopper gun laminates
Bathroom moldings Production moldings Hand laid laminates
Automotive moldings Ballistic panels Vacuum bagged laminates
Architectural moldings Insulated boxes & structures Resin infusion
Artistic/sculpture projects Vacuum forming molds Resin transfer molding
Cast aluminium molds Rotational molding molds Pre-preg
Silicon (flexible) molds Foundry patterns / waxes Resin / plastic casting
SOLPONT can offer our customers our technical expertise and our ability to meet planning and budget constraints.
Fibreglass manufacturing is very flexible, with many options in materials and process. We work closely with our customers to determine the optimum process and materials planning for their project.
SOLPONT has product design, development and build capability and uses Cad software.


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