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-Jonathon Clarke, company owner
What we do: 
Design work Product development Engineering Manufacturing
Fibreglass work Pattern & mold making Production moldings Marine fibreglass
Boatbuilding Marine moldings Transport moldings Automotive moldings
Architectural moldings Construction moldings Storage tanks Metal fabrication/stainless
 But most of all we innovate and provide solutions. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.
SOLPONT proudly manufactures the following high quality brands:
Portable toilets
Farm toilets
Orchard toilets
Public toilets
Emergency response toilets
Public Health Program toilets
Gamechairs Harnesses
Flying gaffs Tag poles
Chair rods Game reels
Tuna tubes Bait tanks
Downriggers Outriggers
Guaranteed to last a lifetime
Composite tooling for investment casting
Low set-up cost
Fast turn-around
High dimensional accuracy
Good surface finish
Any metal (test certified)


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